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About Us

A Wise Financial Standard. Kingdom Advisors provides advocacy, training, and community for financial professionals who are specialists in offering biblically wise advice. We also offer distinction to our advisors by granting the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation. We are committed to serving advisors along their unique journeys of faith/work integration.

The vision of Kingdom Advisors is to serve the public by creating a recognized and credible specialty of Christian financial, legal, and accounting professionals within the financial services industry offering biblically wise financial advice.

What We Offer

  • Advocacy: We serve as the primary industry advocate for the specialty of biblically wise financial advice.
  • Training: We train our members to integrate their faith and practice through a vast array of member offerings and experiences.
  • Community: We connect members by facilitating networking, accountability, and encouragement among like-minded peers.
  • Designation: We certify financial professionals who earn the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation, the gold standard for advisors who offer biblically wise financial advice.

A Wise Financial Standard. Kingdom Advisors provides advocacy, training, and community for financial professionals who are specialists in offering biblically wise advice. We also offer distinction to our advisors by granting the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation. We are committed to serving advisors along their unique journeys of faith/work integration.

Kingdom Advisors' roots were planted in 1997 when Larry Burkett, co-founder of Crown Financial Ministries, brought together 16 friends and fellow professionals with a commitment to biblically wise financial advice to form the Christian Financial Planning Institute (CFPI). In 2003, these men and women set out to advance their vision by creating a new organization that would take the lead in reaching out to the Christian financial professional community. Originally known as the Christian Financial Professionals Network (CFPN) under the leadership of Ron Blue, the organization began to grow and thrive, and in 2007 it was re-named Kingdom Advisors.

Today, under the leadership of Tony Stinson, CEO, and Rob West, President, Kingdom Advisors is a growing community serving the public by promoting the integration of a biblical worldview into financial practices. We offer training, community, advocacy, and distinction to financial professionals who want to go deeper with their clients - and their career. Through our Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation, we certify and principled class of biblically-wise financial advisors to a marketplace that is longing for contentment and purpose in their financial dealings.

Our ongoing desire is to serve the public by our helping our members offer biblically wise financial advice that is rooted in the firm foundation of God's word and by providing valuable fellowship for like-minded, faithful advisors. Our training is designed to equip members with timeless resources and practical tools so that Kingdom Advisors proves to be a trustworthy partner for advisors and a trusted standard within the financial services industry. As we accomplish these goals, we expect transformational results among our members and within the industry, yielding powerful change all the way from Main Street to Wall Street.

img staff BeckMichael 665x300

Michael Beck


Position at Kingdom Advisors: Producer


What major events led you to this career place? I have always loved creating visual media that makes an impact for the Kingdom. To be in a place in my career that enables me to make an impact in the lives of the advisors and their clients is very exciting.

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors? I enjoy Kingdom Advisors because I can use my talents to advance the kingdom. I love what I do, and the idea of helping others to make an impact on our culture while doing it makes it even better!

What do you like about interacting with our members? I always like to meet new people and see what they are doing for the kingdom of God.

Family Brag: I have an amazing wife, Tara. She is a super-smart former teacher. I have an awesome boy named Kyle. He loves to talk to everyone, and his most favorite thing in the world is playing with cars.

Bucket List: One thing that I would love to do is to travel the world. I’d love to see Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

img staff RonBlue 665x300

Ron Blue

Founding Director

Position at Kingdom Advisors: Founding Director

What major events led you to this career place? In the 1970's, I made 11 trips to Africa and experienced the disparity in financial resources between the two cultures. This awareness convinced me that American Christians could better handle their wealth and make an eternal impact.

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors? I enjoy it because it is the beginning of an organization of believers who will have a profound impact on communities and churches in our culture.

What do you like about interacting with our members? I enjoy their enthusiasm, their commitment to the Kingdom, and their tremendous encouragement to the team here.

Family Brag: I have a wife of over 50 years, Judy, who is committed to excellence in all things and who continues to grow with me. We have five adult children and thirteen grandchildren, and I'm grateful to get to see them enjoy one another on a regular basis.

Bucket List: At my age…to be able to get to bed by 8:30.

img staff MichelleDavis 665x300

Michelle Davis

Community Development Coordinator

Position at Kingdom Advisors: Community Development Coordinator


What major events led you to this career place? I had been looking for a different job and had interviewed with Ronald Blue & Company. The position wasn't a good fit, but the personnel director promised to keep my resume in case something else came along. Six months later, I sent her an email to see if any new positions had become available. She emailed me back and said that although RBC didn't have any openings, she knew of a position with an organization called CFPN, headed by Ron Blue. She sent my resume, and so it began! Kingdom Advisors is God's provision for my life - for sure!

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors? I enjoy the interaction with our members and hearing their stories about their practice and how KA is impacting them. I also really enjoy the people I work with here everyday.

Family Brag: I have a terrific son named Spencer who is a student in Bible College. He is the joy of my heart!

Bucket List Items: I want to publish a cookbook and record a Christmas album. I would also like to travel as much as I can!

Img Staff Zanese Duncan2019 665X300

Zanese Duncan

Prayer Team Coordinator

Position at Kingdom Advisors: Prayer Team Coordinator


What major events led you to this career place? I joined KA in 2004 when I was searching for a way to combine my financial training as an actuary with ministry. I heard Ron Blue share the vision for Kingdom Advisors and became one of the first class of members who completed the Qualified Kingdom Advisors™ training. When Ron found out that I had led the Moms in Prayer ministry at a local school, he asked me to spearhead a formal prayer effort for members.

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors? It is a special blessing to be serving with staff and members who are intentional about working for the Lord, especially in the area of financial stewardship.

What do you like about interacting with our members? Even though I might know some members only by name and by exchange of prayer emails, I find it especially encouraging when I might get to put a name and/or prayer request with a face at the annual conference.

Family Brag: My husband, Emeral and I, have two children - Cabe is married to Abby and Gaela is married to Phil.

img staff StuartEasterly 665x300

Stuart Easterly

Director of Partners

Position at Kingdom Advisors: Director of Partners 


What major events led you to this career place? After a career in the telecom industry, I wanted a change with some significance involved. I knew Rob West, and I mentioned to him over lunch how great it would be to work for Kingdom Advisors. Two weeks later he called, and the rest...history.

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors? Our incredible team, and I get to serve an amazing group of financial professionals who are working differently than the norm every day…and because of it they are making an eternal difference.

What do you like about interacting with our members? Our members are fun, engaging, and they make every day unique. Because I also interact closely with our partners, I have to brag on them and mention that they are a blast and I love working with them.

Family Brag: My awesome wife, Chaz, and I have two incredible boys, Riley and Christian, and a beautiful daughter, Jaclyn. We are busy with sports, school, and church events year round. We love to travel, be outdoors, and just sit around and talk.

Bucket List: The premier bucket list item for me is a family trip to Paris, France, the "homeland" of my ancestors who were the first to cross the big water.


Sharon Epps


Position at Kingdom Advisors: President


What major events led you to this career place? As a former corporate banker and ministry executive, I've counseled hundreds of businesses and families regarding the eternal impact of their financial decision making. I am the co-founder of Women Doing Well, which helps non-profits and financial advisors engage in holistic conversations with their donors and clients. My life mission is to grow people's skills and resources to further God’s kingdom.

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors? For the past 10 years I've had the privilege of working with Ron, Tony & Rob in various partner capacities and am delighted in the growth of KA. I've also provided consulting for leading KA financial advisors and served as a board member of the Ron Blue Institute @ IWU and Kingdom Advisors. Through these interactions, I've become convinced that the financial advisor has the opportunity change the trajectory of families and their legacy for generations. 

What do you like about interacting with our members? It's truly iron sharpening iron deeply fulfilling to challenge and be challenged by the godly men and women of KA.

Family Brag: Joel and I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren (5 and under!) We love hosting people in our home and currently have 2 ministry interns living with us for 2 years. We have an apartment downstairs specifically for guests and are delighted to have a revolving door of family and friends come through.

Bucket List: I want to finish writing my book, cruise to new countries and master healthy eating!

Img Staff Glass Randy 665X300

Randy Glass

Director of Leader Development

Position at Kingdom Advisors: Director of Leader Development


What major events led you to this career place? While spending most of my career in global/international banking, I never considered it possible to integrate my faith and my work. Triggered by a mission trip, I felt God calling me to full-time ministry but I struggled with how and where. Soon after I met Ron Blue and he shared the vision of Kingdom Advisors and God gave me the answer. I joined Kingdom Advisors as one the first team members. Today,  my focus is on identifying, resourcing and developing KA members who want to lead and impact Christian advisors in their community, firm or affinity. 

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors? My biggest pleasure is playing a part in helping an advisor who is Christian to start their journey of becoming an intentional and trained Christian financial advisor. Watching their excitement and joy as the "light bulb" turns on is an amazing experience knowing they will eternally impact so many client and other advisors with biblical financial wisdom. 

What do you like about working with our members?  Kingdom Advisors is blessed to have some of the most professional, passionate, committed and successful advisors in the industry. Many of these members go on to lead KA Study Groups and develop Christian advisor communities within their firm or business. These leaders are the backbone of Kingdom Advisors and I love seeing them lead and impact others. 

Family Brag: I have an amazing and beautiful wife, Susan, and I get excited every day about sharing our lives together. She makes me better a man! I’m also very fortunate to still have my incredible parents still pouring Godly love and wisdom into my life every day.

Bucket List: Teeing off at Augusta National, visiting the Holy Land…..and most importantly, hearing “Well done my good and faithful servant” when I leave this crazy world!

Img Staff Robinson Lorne 665X300

Lorne Robinson

National Director for Canada

Position at Kingdom Advisors: National Director

Contact: Lorne Robinson

What major events led you to this career place? I started my career in full time ministry as a pastor before working as a financial advisor for 24 years in Newfoundland Labrador. The theological training for ministry mixed with the technical knowledge and experience in a successful financial planning practice uniquely positioned me for Kingdom Advisors Canada. In 2015, I transitioned from my practice in NL to join KA full time in Ottawa.

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors?  Financial professionals are in trusted positions to probe into delicate areas with clients that usually starts with the intimate conversations about finances. I am grateful to be able to help advisors deepen these conversations, moving people to make decisions that will have an eternal impact. 

What do you like about interacting with our members? Seeing the deep desire of members to have their practice become an occasion for ministry and also learning how members find opportunities to advance God's kingdom.

Family Brag:  My wife, Cathy, the love of my life and my partner in ministry.  Home educating our three children, David, Laura and Joy and seeing their unique success in life is so rewarding.

Bucket List: One thing that I would love to do is to ride bicycle over a long distance and raise funds for kingdom purposes. I would also like to write a book about lessons learned from some of the unique experiences of my life.

img staff KennyNg 665x300

Kenny Ng


Position at Kingdom Advisors: Designer


What major events led you to this career place? I had worked for over fifteen years in the world of design and advertising in the secular world. Then God called me to Kingdom Advisors to put it all to good use.

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors? I enjoy the Kingdom Advisors work environment and the blessing of seeing God at work at our Annual Conference.

What do you like about interacting with our members? The Kingdom Advisors members show me how life should be lived.

Family Brag: I've been married to an amazing woman for over fifteen years. She is my inspiration and my anchor to reality. We are "at work" in raising two boys who are sprinkled with both our personalities, which makes life really interesting!

Bucket List: I want to have lunch at Sukiyabashi Jiro, and to meet Jiro Ono. His obsession with perfection and his continual creativity, in an environment that is already overplayed, is overwhelmingly inspiring.

img staff RickScott 665x300

Rick Scott

Finance Director

Position at Kingdom Advisors: Finance Director


What major events led you to this career place? After 20+ years of Accounting management in private business it has been an answer to prayer to work in direct support of an organization like Kingdom Advisors that is dedicated to encouraging others in the walk with God.

Why do you enjoy KA? The opportunity to work with other believers and see God's blessing on KA.

What do you like about interacting with our members? I enjoy seeing their heart-felt commitment to our goals and all God is using KA to accomplish through its members.

Family Brag: I am blessed with a wonderful, Godly wife Lusi and fun, gifted children Abby and Andy whom we home-school. Far more than I deserve for sure.

Bucket List: After honeymooning in Bali all else is sort of a step down...but our list would probably be a family trip to the Holy Land, beaches of Hawaii, ski slopes of Colorado, or another Alabama National Championship game.

img staff ScottTitus 665x300

Scott Titus

Chief Administrative Officer

Position at Kingdom Advisors: Chief Administrative Officer


What major events led you to this career place? My work with American Association of Christian Counselors, often a prototype for what we hope to accomplish with Kingdom Advisors.

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors? I am passionate about calling believers to integrate their faith into every area of their life.

What do you like about interacting with our members? I enjoy seeing the light come on when they "get it" and realize how powerfully God can use them through their chosen profession.

Family Brag: I am married to a precious gem of a wife who is my best friend and have the best kids in the world (Grant, Lauren, and Hunter). Wendy is the Lower School principal at North Cobb Christian School, Grant is a software engineer with Quid, Inc., Lauren is a nurse at Emory, and Hunter is a student at Liberty University.

Bucket List: Skiing in the Swiss Alps with my family!

img staff RobWest 665x300

Rob West

Chief Executive Officer

Position at Kingdom Advisors: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Contact: Jackie Hamamatsu

What major events led you to this career place? I have dedicated my professional career to work at the intersection of faith and finance. I led a successful faith-based financial services firm in South Florida, served as the host of several radio programs on a biblical approach to finance, and I speak frequently on the topic. After selling my practice in 2009, I transitioned to Atlanta to join the team at KA full time.

Why do you enjoy Kingdom Advisors? The money conversation opens the door to some of the most meaningful and significant issues of a person's life. As we equip financial professionals to engage deeply in these conversations, they have the opportunity to lead clients toward freedom and contentment in a way that no one else can.

What do you like about interacting with our members? Watching men and women live out their calling before your eyes is incredibly contagious and rewarding.

Family Brag: I'm married to the love of my life, Julie. Our house got very busy when we had four kids in four years… Colby, Mason, and our twin girls, Abby and Emma. We are blessed beyond measure.

Bucket List: Among the many things on my list are to visit the Holy Land, travel with our kids through Europe, and dive the great barrier reef.

img staff RonBlue 665x300

Ron Blue - Emeritus

Kingdom Advisors - Atlanta, Georgia

Ron Blue holds a BS and an MBA from Indiana University. In 1979, he founded Ronald Blue & Company, the largest Christian financial planning firm in the country. He has authored eighteen books, including Master Your Money, The Complete Guide to Faith Based Family Finances, and Surviving Financial Meltdown. Ron is currently Founding Director of Kingdom Advisors, a ministry that empowers Christian financial advisors who seek to integrate a biblical worldview into their counsel. He is married to Judy, and they have five children and thirteen grandchildren.


Michael Blue

Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning

Michael Blue serves as the Director for Professional and Church for the Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning.  Prior to his role with the Ron Blue Institute Michael practiced for ten years as an attorney focusing on business and securities law, real estate acquisition, development and leasing, and estate planning. Michael earned his law degree from Baylor University, where he graduated summa cum laude. Prior to his career as an attorney, Michael worked as a financial planner earning his CFPTM  designation in 2002.  Michael and his wife Melissa have three boys and live in Austin, Texas.

Img Speakers Cave Jeff3 350 X265

Jeff Cave

Eventide- Doylestown, PA

Jeff Cave serves as the Director of Institutional Markets for Eventide. He is responsible for institutional sales and client service. Prior to joining Eventide in 2015, Mr. Cave was with Merrill Lynch for almost 23 years, most recently as Director, Ultra High Net Worth Wealth Management Specialist for the Private Banking & Investment Group at Merrill Lynch, based in New York City. Mr. Cave holds the Certified Investment Management Analyst® certification, administered by the Investments & Wealth Institute and taught in conjunction with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Certified Kingdom Advisor™Jeff holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota and a BBA degree in Management and Marketing from Loyola University. Jeff and his wife live in Pennsylvania and have two children.

Img Board Doll Bob 665X300

Bob Doll

Crossmark Global Investments, Inc. - Houston, Texas

Bob joined Crossmark in May 2021 as Chief Investment Officer (CIO), bringing his 41 years of industry experience to guide the investment process and serve as portfolio manager for multiple Crossmark large-cap strategies. He also utilizes his investment expertise to provide weekly and quarterly investment commentaries, as well as annual market predictions. Bob is a regular guest and contributor to multiple media outlets such as CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Moneywise, and Fox Business News. Prior to arriving at Crossmark, he held the roles of Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Equity Strategist at Nuveen and Blackrock, President and Chief Investment Officer at Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, and Chief Investment Officer at Oppenheimer Funds, Inc.

Bob graduated from Lehigh University with a B.S. in Accounting and a B.A. in Economics. He later went on to earn an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation, as well as the FINRA Series 7 and 63 securities licenses. Bob dedicates his time as choir director at his local church and also serves on a number of boards including the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Word of Life Fellowship, New Canaan Society, Kingdom Advisors, National Christian Foundation, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, The Lausanne Movement,, Cairn University, and the Princeton Healthcare System.

Bob and his wife Leslie currently reside in Princeton, New Jersey and have three children.

img board FairfaxRandy 665x300

Randy Fairfax

Highland Consulting Associates - Cleveland, Ohio

T. Randall Fairfax, CFP® is the Private Wealth practice leader with Highland Consulting Associates, Inc. located in Cleveland, Ohio. Randy received his degree in Accounting and MBA in Finance from the University of Akron. Prior to joining Highland, he was a principal of a wealth advisory firm and in the private client group of a large national bank. He has over 30 years of financial advising, business consulting, and wealth management experience. Randy and his wife, Courtney, have three children and four grandchildren.

img board FosterJerry 665x300

Jerry Foster

The Foster Group - Des Moines, Iowa

Jerry Foster, CFP®, founded Foster Group in 1989 with a vision to create an organization built around a team concept and dedicated to serving clients first. He has written articles for national publications and speaks to physicians and business leaders, both in the U.S. and internationally, regarding personal and business leadership, as well as financial issues. Jerry is the author of Life Focus: Achieving a Life of Purpose and Influence. He and he and his wife, Nancy, speak at FamilyLife Weekend to Remember marriage conferences. Jerry and Nancy have been married for 36 years, have four grown children and numerous grandchildren. They live in Des Moines, Iowa.

img board MohnsTim 665x300

Tim Mohns

Raymond James Financial Services - Naperville, Illinois

Tim Mohns, CFP®, is a co-owner and branch manager of a Raymond James Financial Services branch office in Naperville, IL. He received his degree in Finance and Management from Purdue University. He has worked in the financial services industry since 1992. In recent years he has spoken extensively to groups of investors and colleagues alike on the benefits of incorporating generous giving as a part of their financial disciplines. Tim and his wife Rachelle have two children.

img board SerravezzaBill 665x300

Bill Serravezza - Chairman

Suntrust Bank - Retired - Atlanta, Georgia

Bill Serravezza retired after thirty-five years with SunTrust Banks as Executive Vice President, Line of Business Manager for Commercial Real Estate and was CEO of Kingdom Advisors until 2012. He received his undergraduate degree from Duke University, with a major in Business Administration and earned his MBA from Georgia State University, with a major in Finance. A U.S. Army and Viet Nam veteran, Bill is active in civic and community affairs, serving on various boards throughout his career. He is an elder at Peachtree Presbyterian Church and is a team leader on Global Missions. Bill is married to Liz, and has two daughters and a granddaughter.

img board ShoemakerJim 665x300

Jim Shoemaker

Shoemaker Financial Advisors - Memphis, Tennessee

Jim Shoemaker, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, is President of Shoemaker Financial. He has served as a field seminar representative and counselor for Christian Financial Concepts/Crown Ministries since 1976 and has served on their board since 1988. Jim has written numerous published articles, been a guest on several national radio shows, and been a featured platform speaker. Jim and his wife, Linda, have been married for 40 years and have two adult daughters. They are members of Bellevue Baptist Church.

img board ThompsonJanice 665x300

Janice Thompson

One Degree Advisors - San Diego, California

Janice A. Thompson, CFP®, is the co-founder and CEO of One Degree Advisors, Inc., a comprehensive wealth management firm specializing in biblically wise financial planning and asset management services. Janice is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner and holds a Master’s Degree in Financial Services. She also enjoys speaking, writing, and mentoring others. Janice and her husband, Tom, live in San Diego, California, where they have two married children and recently welcomed their first grandchild to the family.