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John Stanley

Connected for Good

About the Course

When advisors are clear about their own view of generosity vs. philanthropy, they can confidently help clients move their charitable giving from "tipping" to investing. This session explores a fresh view of generosity, then a lively conversation centered on three questions will take place: "Under what conditions does an advisor’s understanding of generosity precede a conversation about philanthropy?" "Why is gratitude such a powerful motivator for a client’s philanthropy?" and, "When is the right time to have a conversation about gratitude with clients?" This breakout offers fresh ideas to move clients to the next level of philanthropy.

About the Speaker

John  Stanley

John Stanley

The Legacy Group

John Stanley is the creator of the Generosity Gameplan®, a process designed to awaken a new way to be generous, to go beyond making a difference and instead create real change. His book Connected for Good: A Gameplan for a Generous Life is for anyone of means and substance, especially couples who long to build a generous future together by creating their own Generosity Gameplan. John's consulting through The Legacy Group helps donors take generosity to the next level by connecting it to their heart's desire. John has been married for over 30 years to his wife Jamee. He serves on several boards, and he and Jamee are developing Wyndridge Vineyard in western Wisconsin and staying involved in the aspirations of their adult children, Karen and Micah.

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Hours: 1
Designations: CKA®, CFP®, IMCA, PACE
Minimum  Passing Grade: 80%