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Rachel McDonough

Faith-Based Investing

About the Course

This two-hour course is designed for financial professionals to assist clients in the practice of faith-based investing, aligning their clients’ values with their investment portfolios. Each of the 11 sessions is moderated by Rachel McDonough and taught by one of the practicing industry professionals listed below.

The course helps advisors understand:

  • How the client’s worldview shapes their view of investing

  • Implications for the faith-based client in investment planning

  • The case for integrating the client’s values into their investments

  • How to assemble a portfolio that aligns with the client’s values

Teaching Faculty:

Jeff Haanen

Jeff Van Duser

Stella Tai

Wes Lyons

Endel Liias

Cole Pearson

Hillary Sunderland

Clint Snead

Loran Graham

Rich Young

The study guide for the course can be downloaded here.

About the Speaker

Rachel  McDonough

Rachel McDonough


Rachel McDonough, CFP®, CKA® is an advisor with Wealth Squared, a team of EverSource Wealth Advisors, and the founder of Wealthfluence, a consulting firm focused on helping advisors implement Faith-Driven Investing. Rachel is a published author, worship leader, and frequent speaker on putting our faith into practice through investing.

Continuing Education

Accepted for CE Credit

Hours: 2
Designations: CKA®, CFP®, IMCA, CIMA, AAMS, CPWA, CAP
Minimum  Passing Grade: 80%

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