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Missional Marketing

Serving vs. Selling. This two hour, web-based training course unpacks what it means to deploy a marketing strategy that centers on devoting God’s resources back to Him. You will learn to understand, acquire and serve your ideal client.

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Part One:

Discover how to embrace “marketing as a mission” by appropriating the concept of taking the land, found in Exodus 23. This concept includes four principles: gradual expansion, within borders, with dependent responsibility, and without compromise. Additionally, learn how to define your ideal client.

Part Two:

Learn how Christian financial advisors are different in their marketing strategies in four ways. Also, understand key marketing principles that apply in light of a “serving versus selling” marketing model. Finally, acquire an eight step process to customize your marketing plan.

Jim Wise, CFP®, CAP, ChFC, CLU

Jim is the Managing Director for Ronald Blue & Co.’s Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale branch offices and a Principal with the firm. Prior to joining the firm, Jim worked as Vice President of Investments with Salomon Smith Barney. He also worked as a financial consultant with Paine Webber for seven years. Before moving to Fort Lauderdale in 2009 to lead the firm’s newest branch office, Jim served as the Managing Director of the Baltimore office.

Tuition: Members: $59 / Non Members: $199

Training Format: Online delivery