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Kingdom Advisors Core Training

About the Course

Developed over a lifetime, this newly revised and completely rebuilt course features a wealth of information designed to help you effectively integrate biblical financial wisdom into client counsel. Organized in 96 short videos over 20 modules, this training will deliver the tools and best practices you need to help deliver biblical wisdom to both Christian and non-Christian clients.

The Kingdom Advisors Core Training satisfies the education requirement for the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation for Canadian applicants only. All other applicants seeking the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation must complete the university-based CKA® Educational Program.

Available Sessions

This course requires an active membership and an additional purchase.

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Continuing Education

Accepted for CE Credit

Hours: 24
Designations: CKA®, CFP®, IMCA, PACE, Institute, CIRO
Minimum  Passing Grade: 80%